A guide to capture inspiring underwater photographs

  1. Get in close

For a fledgling the best lead is to draw near (inside 30cm) of your subject. This is on account of an excess of water amongst you and what you’re taking a photo of will diminish the shading, complexity and sharpness of your picture.

  1. Use ‘constrained glimmer’ mode

Any photograph of a subject under 1 meter away will require a glimmer to add shading to your shot yet ensure you set your camera to ‘constrained blaze’ instead of ‘auto blaze’ – your camera may not think you require a glimmer but rather your photos will demonstrate that you do.

  1. Experiment with your hardware ashore

Whether you’ve picked submerged packaging for your DSLR or you’ve put resources into a submerged camera, you would prefer not to utilize it interestingly on your plunge. Have a trial keep running before you achieve the water and ensure you’re acquainted with how it functions and how it feels to spare time and dissatisfaction on your jump.

  1. For apprentices large scale mode will give the most honed pictures

Utilize the camera’s large scale mode to get truly sharp, nitty gritty close-up photos of a portion of the stunning animals you’ll see on your plunge. The trap here is to draw near as opposed to utilize your camera’s zoom as this will prompt a less sharp picture.

  1. Shoot from underneath

The best submerged photos are taken from underneath or on eye level with the subject. This gives your photograph the most sensational lighting.

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